Hi, my name is Jenny!

I am a 27yr old self-taught artist operating in the Fort Worth area. I spend most of my time with my loved ones, gardening, & doing art. I am inspired by nature, travel, & the human form. To me, artwork is more than just a way to express myself, it is a way to inspire & captivate the minds of others. It is something that has followed me throughout my entire life & will continue to yield purpose & awakening in the future. I believe life is too short to waste any time doing something that has no meaning which is why I decided to pursue art as a career.

When you support me, you help me grow as an artist. One of my pieces can take me anywhere from 10-40hrs to create, I pour my time & love into them. So, I can guarantee they also come packed full of good vibes!

If you have any questions or are interested in something not available on my website, do not hesitate to contact me!